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Welcome to Corporate Communication Solutions of New York.  Our company was formed with both the business person and corporation in mind. The program focuses on improving overall communication skills which ultimately will result in providing the individual with the opportunity to achieve professional growth and success.

Our team of corporate communication specialists are licensed speech pathologists that also hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Our specialists are also members of CORSPAN and are certified to provide the Compton P-ESL Accent Reduction Program.

We specialize in foreign and regional accent reduction/modification, voice improvement, presentation skill development, business writing, business communication etiquette, and cross cultural communication. In addition, our team members also include state licensed and ASHA certified audiologists that provide a hearing screening to every individual prior to his/her participation in our program.  

Coaching is also offered to employers and employees that train them to effectively communicate with their clients, accounts and customers who have communication problems such as hearing loss, learning disabilities or speech problems, for example.  

Corporate Communication Solutions of New York differentiates itself from other companies by providing specialized services which include customized hearing aid benefit plans for businesses, assistive hearing technology and induction loop systems that can be custom designed and engineered for businesses and corporations. 

Services are available at one of our offices or offsite locations with flexible scheduling.
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